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Images to remember from the 21st Century 2000 Convention

Ant O. of SmallBluePlanet and some photojournalist guy get in my way when I'm trying to take pics of the SEALs.

Chuck poses with the "real deal".
Navy SEAL contributes to the delinquency of a minor. "Don't tell your mom I gave it to you," stated damp SpecWarrior moments before being mobbed and eaten alive (dinner was kinda late).
Joey Everett, John Kozin, and Jorgacca inhale dinner.  
This is me about 10:30 saturday night waiting for the busses to get back from Universal.
The mis-patrons of Rebecca's Baaaaa & Grille.
John Kozin gets tanked!
Nice box....pretty box...good box....good-bye box! *SCUUUUURRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIP!*
Is he drooling?
This is why you should never drink and drive......a tank....
The Villain makes a new "friend" out in the parking lot. Unfortunately they marriage didn't last past the honeymoon....
The Villain and some armor thingy.
The Villain and some armor thingy.
The Villain and some armor thingy.
The Villain and some armor thingy.
Some reenactors' willy.
The Villain and some armor thingy.
With a mighty "Hi ho Stewie!" the Stewart runs off to the event at Universal Studios.
"Candy Gram for Mongo!"
An M113, Arty version.
My favorite dio at the whole convention.
This must have been Teddy's first at the FireBird when we gave it to him.
This must have been Kozin's first look at the Blackhawk when we gave it to him. HEY...that never happened!!!
Look VERY closely at this one and you may find Ripcord's first "official" jump in progress.

Yes, I ripped off John Kozin's format. Yes, I make waggery jest of him a lot. What of it? He called me ugly after all! Know your role and go back to my damn home page...