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(That's Flash Force Reserve Command Officer Kitbash of the Month Club Gallery for you newbies)

1. Each monthly entry has to be original, not an existing custom. So don’t
go sending us the same pic that you’ve sent to the list before. Freshness
is a virtue.

2. Each entry must be built from a nude figure. That way there won’t be no
stunts like gluing an InToyz gatling gun on a firefighter’s helmet and calling it a "kitbash."

3. You must begin with a concept based on an existing reference. The
origin of the reference can come from whatever floats your boat, a movie, TV
show, current events, comic book, video game, minime, pics of an actual
uniform, or just something you dreamed up in the shower. The concept must
also be submitted with a name, a mission, and a complete list of items used.

4. The Kitbash of the Month will be chosen though informal drooling and its
creator claims bragging rights until the next "big bash."

January '02

USDOC MOUT submited by L-31:

  • USDOC back patch
  • Dragon Larry figure w/ SDU hands
  • SWAT radio
  • Subdued BDUs
  • Danner Boots
  • VBSS load barring vest
  • VBSS drop down holster w/ M-9
  • VBSS strobe light
  • VBSS extraction harness
  • VBSS protective goggles
  • Modern web belt
  • Dragon Protec helmet
  • Gas mask leg carrier
  • Dragon MP-5SD